Best Matte Lipsticks 


Best Matte Lipsticks

Now I cannot express how much I am in love with matte lips right now but I am finding it extremely hard to find the perfect matte lipstick! I really want the Kylie lip kits but I can’t afford the shipping on them to the U.K. So that’s a no go which is sad. Although I have seen the tricks of putting powder on top of lip gloss but it just doesn’t seem to work on my lips they just go all chapped.

My favourite matte lipstick that I own currently is ‘Mac Velvet Teddy’ this is the best and lasts on my lips but the only down side is I can’t go out and buy new Mac lipsticks every time I feel like it because of money!! So I have been scouring lower budget shops and brands to try find the perfect matte lipstick.

Now I was so excited to do this post because this weekend I found NYX in my local boots shop!! Which I was so excited about so I went and bought the soft matte lip cream in San Paulo and just the matte lipstick in MLS33 – Spirit but I am a little annoyed that I didn’t buy more because they are just so good!! They have a good balance of being matte enough but having enough moisture.



The last lipstick I bought was the Sleek – Matte Me in Shabby Chic. I love the colour of this lipstick but it is very dry on the lips. I put it on just by itself to try it when I first bought it and it was really dry but I just thought it was my dry lips so when I put it on again I applied Nivea Hydro Care on my lips under the lipstick to see if it would make the difference and I have to say it helped in the short time but as the day went on my lips did start to get dry again!!


Hope this post has helped with finding lower budget matte lipsticks but if you have any other suggestions on good matte lipsticks please leave comments and I’ll be sure to check them out!! Hope you have had a good weekend and thanks for reading xx


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